BIBS DUMMIES - Available in 8 colours

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We sell size 2 dummies as this size is suitable for most newborns and can be used until a pacifier is no longer needed. These dummies fit perfectly with our pacifier clips from Saga Copenhagen and Mushie. 

Classic round pacifiers that imitate a mother’s breast. The round and cherry-shaped dummy is a classic dummy where both test and shield are roundly shaped. The result of this design is that it feels more natural and soothing to the child. Many midwives and nurses recommend this type of funny, because of these exact qualities. The shield also faces outward which ensures an absolute minimum of skin irration.

Bibs use only ethical practices and have been designing and manufacturing dummies for the past 40 years.

Made in Denmark.

BPA, PVC and Phthalate free and made from 100% natural rubber. 


  • Prior to use, sterilise the dummy with boiling water, leave to cool down and ensure hot water is squeezed out the baglet/nipple before use.
  • Never use washing up liquid to clean your child’s dummy.
  • Never use the dummy to administer medication.
  • Frequently check the dummy for damage. Do not use if there are signs of cracks, bite marks or holes.
  • Store in a dry closed container.